Repairing Online Reputation When The Worst Thing Happens

Repairing online reputation is not an impossible thing ... buck up!
Photo by CC user egaroa on Flickr

Companies from all around the world work really hard to build up their reputation and try to protect the image of the company on the internet. Sooner or later, online reputation is going to be damaged by information that is negative.

As this happens, acting as soon as possible is something that is really important. You want to repair the business and deal with what happened.

Statistics highlight that 80 percent of the consumers will end up changing their mind in the event that there are negative articles that talk about a product/service. Damage control and reputation repair are really important. Here are the things you have to do if repairing online reputation if what you what to do.

Identifying Sources

You cannot do reputation repair in the event that you do not know where the problem came from. Negative information has to be identified. All the attacks need to be seen and the reputation manager will always try to figure out where the current attack comes from. Social networks and major search engines stand out as the best possible bet in most situations. Do always remember that all these sources have searches.

Solution One – Repair The Problem Yourself

It has been shown that most customers will have to see a minimum of six reviews that are positive before trust appears. If you want to repair online reputation, one of the first things that should be done is to try to erase the negative reviews. In the event that these are controllable, like with personal blog comments or social networks, responding is something that is really easy to do. In many cases the professionals are even going to remove search engine URLS from Google Webmaster Tools.

When a negative review appears on a site that you do not own, contact the webmaster and see if the content can be removed. Alternatively, respond directly to all the complaints or comments that appeared. If you address all the complaints in a way that is helpful and polite the image of your company is going to be increased.

Counter the negative data that appears on the internet with content that is positive. Regularly posting blog posts, comments, articles and social updates is something that is really important. This will help the customers to be informed and the content that is damaging will go down in search results. Obviously, this does involve the use of SEO tactics for promoting positive content.

Hire Reputation Managers

You can easily find many online reputation management companies that can get reputation repaired for you. Based on how much damaged appeared, this is an option that will end up being a little expensive. However, it is definitely the best approach because the professionals do have access to many tools that you do not have. In addition, the companies can be hired in order to monitor online and offline reputation on constant schedules.

Be sure that you do not blindly hire the very first reputation manager you find. Many are inexperienced or dishonest. A little research about who you are going to hire is going to help you make the very best choice.