Keeping Hair Healthy in College

 Keeping Hair Healthy in college is easy with a few simple steps

Heading off to college means independence, higher education, new experiences, and lots of changesphysically, mentally, and emotionally. From different sleeping habits and eating habits to stressful papers and tests, all of the changes in routine can lead to different types of health problems, including dry and damaged hair.

With all of the other activities and academics going on, it can be easy to forget about taking care of your health and body; however, staying healthy physically can help your mind and body emotionally and mentally.

Moreover, with the expenses of college, going to a salon to have your hair done is probably out of the question. Thus, here are a few easy haircare tips you can complete even with your busy schedule and small budget:

Hair Length

While long, luscious locks are beautiful and desired by many women, long hair can be extremely difficult to keep healthy. Long hair tends to get tangled easily, have dry or splitting ends, and can look unhealthy if not cared for properly. It can be a wise idea to keep your hair trimmed during your months of college, as it is an easier way to keep your hair clean and healthy. If you are interested in maintaining your long hair while in college, consider using hair extensions. They are a simple way to add body and volume to your hair without having to care for long hair.

Avoid the Hot Water

During the cold winter months, it can be tempting to turn the temperature up high; however, hot water can damage your hair, as it not only strips your hair of essential nutrients, but also can lead to dry and damaged locks. When showering, depending upon the season, try to use a mild water temperature. Or, at least try to end the shower with a cold stream of water on your hair. It will help it stay shiny and healthy all day long.

Shower Head

Most dormitories have communal bathrooms, which means the shower heads located in each shower usually cannot be changed. Too much water pressure can be damaging to your hair and skin, thus consider investing in a portable shower head. It can be a smart way to do damage control on your hair while living in the dorms.

Protect Your Hair

Similarly to hot water, using hot hair tools can damage your hair immensely. Blow drying, curling, and straightening your hair too often can leave your hair dry, frizzy, and with dead ends. The heat from these hair tools break the hair when used too often. For most women, they use one, if not more, of these tools daily, even though it is recommended not to use them daily. One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy while using these tools is to use heat protectant spray or gel. It adds a layer of protection between the hair and the heat of the tools. Additionally, if possible, consider using these tools on a lower heat setting, as the less exposure to heat, the better.

On particularly sunny days, the high heat can cause similar damage to your hair and scalp that hot tools can, thus use a shampoo and conditioner that protects against the sun, or wear a hat if planning on being in the sun for extended hours.

Clean Hair

When your hair gets dirty, make sure to clean it. While it is true that showering and shampooing too often can strip the hair of essential oils, that idea does not extend to dirty or sweaty hair. If your hair is clean and you have not broken a sweat, then it is a good idea to shower every other day instead of every day. But, if you do workout or sweat during a hot day, it is important to clean your hair, as dirt and sweat can damage your hair and scalp.


When in college, it can be hard to get the right nutrients your body and hair need to be healthy. From eating on-campus food to take-out to living on caffeinated drinks, there can sometimes be holes in your nutrition, which can lead to dry, damaged hair. Try to consume the right foods, including proteins, omega-3s, and healthy fats, in order to keep your hair clean and healthy.

These simple tips can help you have healthy hair all throughout college.

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