How To Unblock NBA League Pass Blackouts

Learn How To Unblock NBA League Pass Blackouts so you won't miss a second of action!

Photo by CC user basketstreaming on Flickr

Basketball is among one of the most popular U.S. sports. It’s viewed on TV partners ABC, ESPN, NBA-TV (the official channel) and TNT. Millions of Americans across the country tune in to watch NBA basketball games on their TVs, and with their their electronic devices. So to take advantage of today’s technology, the NBA launched “NBA League Pass” to live-stream the games online for when fans are unable to watch them on TV. NBA League Pass is offered to both U.S. and international subscribers, so its availability offers all subscribers the opportunity to view their favorite games.

However, there is one catch: the games that are being streamed on local TV channels are blacked out in an effort to get viewers to watch the games on the TV. This is extremely aggravating to many people who just aren’t able to watch the games on their TV at the broadcast time, but still want to watch the game. So, what are some ways to unblock NBA League Pass Blackouts? Here are a few:

Utilize VPN and SmartDNS

Many tech savvy computer nerds have innovatively set up ways to live stream the games, no matter what area of the world viewers are in. So why not use a virtual private network (VPN) or SmartDNS website? These allow audiences to do just what NBA League Pass Blackouts are preventing them from doing, enjoying their NBA games.

Take it to the next level: SmartDNSProxy

While the idea of VPN and SmartDNS do seem all fine and dandy, they do actually cost money. What tends to happen is they trick users with the small, additional fees that add up. Sometimes these fees can cost more than paying for the NBA League Pass subscription itself.

For example, the prices of the NBA League Pass vary by geographic location. For users in the United Kingdom, the cost is more than likely to be 2.7 times higher than other regions.

So, to get the best of both worlds, the easiest and cheapest way is to use SmartDNSProxy. This is specifically designed to be more reliable and much cheaper than the standard virtual private network. Plus, its manufacturers made it a point to ensure that the actual speed at which the live streaming is up to par with the viewers’ expectations. So, users do not have to worry about wasting money, slow streaming speed, or even missing the game all together. And no matter where users are located — inside or outside the U.S, SmartDNSProxy will work.

In conclusion, by learning how to unblock NBA League Pass blackouts, you’ll never have to worry about missing a second of action again. While it may seem like just a far-fetched dream, there are truly multiple working solutions that have been created to ensure that users never miss another NBA game again.