How to Lock Your House Down for the Holiday Season

As holiday season comes around the risk of theft in your home increases, thieves know that there will be much more things such as gifts that they can get their hands on and as this is such a social time of year, they also know that you will be out of the house far more often. With this in mind, it is vitally important that you are very security conscious when it comes to your home when you are out. In order to ensure that your house stays as tightly locked down as possible, here are some great tips that you can follow.


Security System

Holiday seasons or not it is always important that you have an excellent security system in place in your home. In the old days this used to just mean a basic intruder alarm but times have changed, these days you can get security systems with video surveillance that can alert your cellphone when someone approaches. Systems that will automatically call the police if your house is broken in to and many that can be remotely operated. To check out the best security systems, head over to Security Gem to rate the best ones.

Don’t be Too Public

Social media can be dangerous when you want to tell the World about your plans for your vacations or any gifts which you may have bought. Thieves are well aware that people are loose-tongues on their social media pages and as such can use this as a way of finding out when you will and won’t be in the house. Be smart when it comes to social media and resist the urge to post all of your information.

Use Light Timers

If your house is pitch black at 8pm then you are advertising the fact that you are out of the house, the perfect opportunity for thieves to break-in. To avoid this you should be using light timers that will switch on lights and lamps when it gets dark. This will give the appearance that someone is home and minimize the risk of a break-in.

Cover Windows

You need to avoid making it easy for thieves to see what you have inside your home, large windows should be covered using blinds or furniture so that they cannot see whatever gadgets or expensive possessions that you have in the house.

Don’t Use the Spare Key

A key under a rock outside your house may be a saving grace when you’ve left your keys at work but thieves know all too well that this practice goes on and will always check the most popular places for that spare key. Naturally the thieves want to make it is as simple as possible to break in to your home and if they have a key to do so then they can help themselves to your front door without causing any type of disturbance. Leave your key with a trusted neighbor or friend if you want to be prepared, don’t leave it outside.