How to Forge a Career as an Online Writer

In the past if you wanted to become a writer then you would need to have written a fantastic book which was fortunate to be picked up by a publisher, be a journalist or be famous enough from some other venture whereby people would care enough about what you wrote to read it. Thankfully those days have gone and the modern World offers would-be writers a great many channels to go down in order to find success, one such route to success is taking your skills online to start a career as an online copywriter.

Writing Tools

If you have a wonderful grasp of pace, plot and grammar and if you can be flexible in your writing to bend to many styles then there is nothing to stop you from creating a career as an online writer, and here’s how.

Sample Work

Before you start looking online for work then it is important that you create some pieces which you can show off to your prospective employers to display your talents. When creating sample work you should aim to write across different styles and topics so that you can show your versatility. Remember that these pieces of work are essentially your shop window in terms of what you can bring and employer so you should ensure that they make great reading and that they are error free. If you send off sample work that is sub-par or has grammatical or spelling mistakes then you won’t need to speak to a clairvoyant in order to find out that jobs will not be coming your way!

Where to Search

When you start searching for work you have a few options, the first place to start should be freelance websites like Upwork and Peopleperhour, these sites allow you to upload your CV, create a profile an will put you in touch with employers looking for writing jobs. Your first few jobs may be tricky to get but once you’ve received some positive reviews, you will find more jobs and be able to command higher wages. You could also look at places like iWriter where people request articles and yours will be selected if you’ve written the quickest and the best quality, there is a risk that you could spend your time on something that is never used though.

Another option to explore is simply putting yourself out there, send of your samples to online magazines, popular blogs, even huge news services, if you think you are good enough then start emailing now, you never know what you might find.


Away from article and copywriting are those who make careers from ghostwriting, it isn’t glamorous and you will receive no credit for your work, only money, but you can earn well from it. Ghostwriters are paid to put someone’s ideas on paper and people will pay fro someone to fill in the blanks of the story which they have in their mind. Ghostwriting can be a great way to help your writing ability and does carry a little less risk should things not go well for the book or ebook which you’re writing. The flip-side to this however is that if you write something spectacular and it goes on to be popular, then you will bemoan the fact that you won’t receive any credit for it. Ghostwriting is a good choice for earning money and a great beginning to your writing career.