How Academic Transcription Services Benefit Students

Transcription services are commonly associated with the medical and legal profession. But these services are quite versatile and has many uses across different settings. One specific application of transcription is in the field of academics. In fact, many individuals working in academic institutions such as professors and researchers already use transcription tools to aid in their jobs. But in addition to them, university students can also benefit significantly from using these services.

In 2015, a research conducted to assess the health of students showed that 85% of the respondents felt overwhelmed at all the tasks they need to complete. Another 30% of those who responded to the study admitted that their academic performance declined due to stress. In line with this, how can transcription services like Verbit’s university transcription help students?

Have enough free time to take a much-needed break from school work

Typing notes and lectures during class are useful, but can eventually lead to many physical problems like back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and eye strain. Classroom and dorm settings are not often ideal for hours of working in front of a computer. Instead of worrying about the adverse effects of typing on your health, you can use a transcription service to produce written transcripts of recorded lessons and lectures conveniently. Since you will have more time on your hands, you can spend it on relaxing activities to refresh both your mind and body.

Improve your information retention and comprehension

Most college students have busy schedules juggling at least five classes each semester. Unfortunately, many of these students struggle to keep up with the lessons and retain information. If you use a transcription service, you can record pertinent lectures and have them printed out with accurate text. Since you are no longer occupied with writing or typing notes during a class, you can focus more on retaining and comprehending rather than struggling to record as much information as possible. Another benefit of transcription is the access to tech tools where you can index your transcripts and search them conveniently when you have to review specific points discussed during the lesson.

Be more strategic in studying

These innovative transcription tools and apps were developed to allow students the opportunity to manage their time wisely. Some of these students also work to support their education, which is why freeing up your time is critical to a well-balanced lifestyle. Using a transcription tool means you will never miss out on important lectures and discussions. You will have an accurate printed copy of recorded audio to aid your study, which could also help in improving your academic performance.

In conclusion, students should not miss out on using transcription technology designed to make their lives easier. There are a variety of options available, including online services and mobile apps. These tools solve some of the issues these students struggle with, especially time management. These significant benefits discussed will greatly improve their experience in university and help them focus more on their academic goals and how to achieve them.