Homeopathic Health Remedies

Let’s start off with a bit of a warning. Homeopathic medicines may not need a doctor’s prescription, but they can still have side effects, cause allergic reactions and interact with prescription medicine, so if you have any concerns or history with these types of issues ask your healthcare provider. That being said, there are plenty of over-the-counter options that may be of use for a variety of health conditions and complaints.

Chronic Pain

Living with pain, day in and day out can make life miserable. It can cause irritability, depression and cause you to miss out on family events. However, there are products and oils like the ones you can get from Nanocraft CBD that can help ease the discomfort. These are derived from marijuana or hemp, but they contain little to no THC, the ingredient that causes you to get high or fail a drug test.

Flu and Infection

When that season comes around, the sound of someone clearing their throat or coughing up a storm can send us into duck-and-cover mode. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get in to see the doctor to get a prescription for an antiviral medicine during the brief window they could be effective after the onset of symptoms (typically within two days is best). An alternative is echinacea, which is from a flowering plant that can be taken in advance (prophylactically) to help prevent you from getting the virus or when you notice symptoms developing to lessen their severity and duration. It is available in capsules, liquid extract and as a tea.

The Common Cold

As the old adage says, there is no cure for it. But, you can help ease some of the effects and the number of days you feel like dreck. Zinc is a product you can find in several forms at most pharmacies and grocery stores. It is a vital element (Zn) for our bodies that helps with the senses of taste and smell, as well as boosting our immune system.

Other Ailments

Sometimes, you might have to look no further than your garden. Or the produce section of your grocery store if you lack that green thumb grandma seemed to have. Several plant roots can help you relieve certain illnesses. Such as:

  • Garlic root (and cloves) can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Ginger root can ease nausea and motion sickness
  • Ginseng root seems to be an overall curative

There are other herbs and vegetables that can help you out. Eating a diet with lots of fruits and veggies can help keep some of these problems at bay.

Let’s face it, each of us has been given only one body and it behooves us to take care of it. Doctors and hospitals are a vital part of that. However, homeopathic options are also important. They’re typically affordable, readily available and don’t need a prescription.

Besides, we are natural beings and the flora and fauna that surrounds us are well suited for our dietary needs. Manmade drugs can work wonders in this day and age and our life expectancies would be much shorter without them. However, they are made by man and can have severe side effects, even deadly ones. Why not find out if natural treatments can work for you?