Healthy And Delicious Snack Ideas For When You Go To The Office

Working for long hours can have a really bad effect on your health since you often end up not eating for long periods of time. Fortunately, you can always go for some snacks. The problem is that most people just eat what they find, normally some sandwiches or fast food. Why do that when there are so many healthy options available, like the popular ones mentioned below by Louis Hernandez Jr, an entrepreneur that knows a lot about spending a lot of time in the office?

Check out some healthy snack ideas that are delicious and that you may want to consider. Your employer will need to learn how to stop food fights in the office learn if you take these snacks to work so beware! Colleagues will want your food.

Dark Chocolate

Bitter chocolate with a minimum of 70 percent cocoa is a great stress buster and will improve concentration and memory on the short term. This makes it perfect as a work snack. Your mood will be better and what you might not know is that dark chocolate is actually really good if you want to lose weight. This is because it includes great antioxidants.

Foxnuts – Tal Makhana

This healthy office snack, commonly known as Desi popcorn, is really low in sodium and cholesterol. At the same time, it is very rich in magnesium and protein. If you are having problems with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes, this is definitely the snack to consider. To make matters even better, foxnuts can be eaten raw, roasted or cooked.

Roasted Chickpeas

Commonly known as Channa, chickpeas are really healthy and packed with proteins. They also include good fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. After you eat some roasted chickpeas you are not going to have between-meal cravings for around two hours. Just make sure that the pack you buy does not have high salt content since you do want to lower your snack sodium intake.


Peanuts are very good when you had to skip breakfast. They are very rich in good cholesterol, antioxidants, energy and protein. Only 30 peanuts (roasted if you want to) are enough to remain satiated until the late afternoon office lunch. Peanuts help your overall health as heart attack risks are reduced and include numerous B vitamins.


Almonds are rarely considered as a snack and this is a shame. They have high content of fiber, magnesium, healthy cholesterol, manganese, zinc, copper, proteins and even vitamin E. The really long shelf life helps as you can just have them in your desk for a long time, until you need them. Roasted almonds though should be consumed in moderation as sodium intake would be increased.

Pumpkin Seeds

Last but not least, these seeds are very powerful for your health. They can be eaten both roasted and raw. Around 100 grams is all you need to be satiated for several hours, all while you get magnesium, copper, healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamin B. Immunity is actually boosted and you are going to sleep better at night or during a quick noon nap.

Make sure that you consider healthy office snacks since there are always options available, as you can see from those presented above.