Hair Care Tips for Expectant Moms

Though pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and natural life experiences in the world, pregnancy can change a lot about a woman’s body. While most women expect the hormonal emotional changes, such as mood swings, or their expanding stomach, many women are unaware of the various other physical changes pregnancy can have on their body.


While many hear of the stereotypical “glow” many women have when carrying a child, not many are informed of the skin and hair changes pregnancy can give the body. Many women deal with their hair changing color, changing texture, and even falling out in some cases, which might not be the most joyous aspect of pregnancy.

Thus, when it comes to dealing with your hair during pregnancy, there are a few hair care tips that can help expectant moms handle the hair changes their body is facing during those 9 months.

Natural Products

Many women can have reactions or develop allergies to hair products filled with chemicals and other unnatural ingredients. Swapping out your regular shampoo and conditioner for natural hair care products can help keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Moreover, the natural products are often times better for your skin and healthier for the baby. Because it can be more difficult to find natural hair products, as they are not as readily available in all stores as traditional champs and conditioners, consider purchasing your hair care products online. Online retailers have a wide variety of natural products that you can try out in order to find the right one for your body.

Additionally, avoid any chemical hair processing, as the changes in your hair can change the way your hair responds to those products. While you may have spent the last 10 years perming your hair, due to your hormone changes, your hair might respond differently to the perm chemicals while pregnant.

First Trimester

For most women, the first trimester of their pregnancy is the roughest. Many women deal with morning sickness, tiredness, extreme cravings, and body changes. Before changing anything to your hair, it is a good idea to wait until the first trimester has passed. Because the pregnancy can change the color and texture of your hair, it is best to see how it is affected in the first trimester so you can then assess what color or cut is now suitable for your hair.

Hair Cut

Eventually your hair will return back to normal after you have given birth, thus when getting a hair cut, take into account what the cut will look like after your hair has returned to normal. Many women cut their hair near the end of their pregnancy or before maternity shots. In most cases, their hair is cut based on its current texture and style. If the cut is too specific to its current thickness or texture, it can be difficult to manage once your hair returns to normal.

Dry or Oily Hair

Pregnancy hormones can change how oily or dry your hair is. Should your hair begin to get drier than normal, do your best to rehydrate it with deep conditioning treatments and oil treatments. If possible, avoid shampooing your hair too much, as shampoo can dry out your hair even more. However, if your hair is more oily during pregnancy, avoid using conditioner everyday. For the time being, make sure to use a brush with nylon bristles, for natural bristles actually produce oil on the scalp.

Hair Dye

It is all right to dye your hair when pregnant, which is a positive thing since many women start to gray while pregnant. In most cases, those gray hairs are temporary, as the pregnancy hormones are changing the pigments in your hair. However, before dying your hair, speak with your doctor. Most doctors advise waiting to dye your hair until your second trimester, thus it is a good idea to make sure your physician has no concerns with dying your hair during your pregnancy.


Because of the changes pregnancy can make on your hair, speak with your stylist on how to best care for your new hair. They can offer you the right products and tools to help you manage your hair while pregnant.

Though these changes might be only temporary, it is always nice to know how to care for the changes for the time being.

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