Five Reasons to Try Escape Rooms with Your Family

Do you have family game nights? Do you have weekly activities set on a certain Tuesday when you will just sit around the living room and be a family? Well, if you don’t, you should. There is nothing more important in life than your family. They share the same blood, the same genetics, and they were there the whole you were growing up.


But if you do, what do you do? Uno? How many relationships have that one ruined, really? Monopoly? How long did it take for you to actually finish a game? Twister? Isn’t that a little inappropriate for a family game night? Or perhaps, chess? So how many of you fell asleep?

It really is time for you to change things up a bit for family game nights. Sprinkle a little more spice; inject a little more fun juice. And really, the best way to do that is try out a real life escape game. If you are in the east coast and around the DC area, you are in luck, because the best escape room in DC is right around the corner!

Here are five reasons you should try real life escape games with your family:

  • Memories

You build memories at home; you can build memories when you’re trying out escape rooms with your parents and your siblings. Imagine all the laughs, the screams, the casual insults, and the strong bond you can erect with one another when you are trying to escape a room together.

  • Keep away from the screens

You see your family members on their phones or watching something all the time, and in some way, they are using their intelligence as they do these. Why not bring them to an escape room and see them put their intelligence into some real life adventures? There are clues and puzzles scattered around an escape room, and you can use this opportunity to see if they actually learn something when they were on the phones.


  • Let the young ones be the cool ones

Your kids will go to school the next day and they’ll be able to tell everyone about how smart they were when they solved a certain puzzle in an escape room, while their friends could only talk about the latest Monopoly achievement they made the night before. That alone is reason enough to head down to a real life escape game right this moment.

  • Win Together, Triumph Together

An after party after playing the game! You can already hear the hoots of your father and the cheers of your siblings when you come out of the room with a win. But even if you lose, you can still tease about the one person who was silly enough to open the door knowing it was locked.

  • Let them surprise you

Academic results don’t say a lot about someone’s intelligence, neither does a degree certificate from a certain university someone in your family graduated from. You can honestly be surprised by how intelligent and how quick-witted your family members can be when you see them help your entire family escape the room.