Captivating Travelers: Why You Fall in Love with a Location and Return Again and Again

With views like this, it's easy to Fall in Love with a Location ... photo by CC user Grace Garcia on Flickr

Ever visit a place and know you absolutely must return? Some destinations are so amazing, they captivate travelers and inspire you to come back year after year. This is what’s called a vacation ritual, and as it turns out it’s a great way to build family traditions and childhood memories. If you’ve fallen in love with a specific resort, beachfront home, or otherwise captivating destination, you have options.

Timeshares for Repeated Stays

You could stay in a timeshare, which is a destination that has several joint owners. The time-share agreement means you’ll have the option to use the property at specific times each year. When you’re not using it, another vacationer will be staying there in your place. These people are owners too, and thus your costs are lower than purchasing the property outright.

A great example of this is Welk timeshare, a luxury Southern California-based luxury timeshare group. Locations are based in some remarkable destinations, including San Diego, Palm Springs, Cabo San Lucas, Lake Tahoe, and Branson. These locations draw millions of travelers each year, but staying at a Welk Resort offers a more luxury experience and a permanent space to return to (unless you sell it).

The great thing about timeshares is they typically feature large properties. Welk timeshares in San Diego is situated on 450-acres, and includes golfing, theatre, and spacious villas. It’s not about staying in a hotel; it’s about staying in a home away from home, so your property is an entire villa suitable to sleep a large family.

Other Ways to Stay Again and Again

Although a timeshare is among the most reliable and discounted ways to see a destination again and again, it’s not the only way. You could purchase a home or condo in the location you love, which is okay because it can be sold; however, you’ll need to pay mortgage fees, taxes, and home insurance costs all year round (even when you’re not vacationing).

Here’s some other ways to start a vacation ritual:

·  Camping

·  Cruise ship timeshares

·  Booking with same hotel (remember these can and will go out of business)

·  Swapping your home with another vacationer’s home

Why People Return Again and Again

If you’re on vacation, you’re not worrying about bills or drama. You’re far removed from the woes of everyday life, and instead treated to beautiful landscape and amicable people. These things draw a family back to a certain place to relive the relief of escapism again and again. It helps that you’re staying someplace where (after a couple visits) you’re recognizable to staff, restaurant workers, and other travelers.

Once you’ve established an area of comfort, you begin to feel more relaxed and at-home. You become attached to the destination, and you’ll ache to return all year long. But, leaving shouldn’t be too difficult either. This is what’s known as the “return trip effect,” and it makes the journey home feel shorter than the journey getting there. It’s this relaxation that makes you want to hit repeat on your vacation, and you can and should next year. Knowing you’ll return can help ease post-travel blues or post-trip depression.