Emergency options for men going bald

If you have noticed a bald patch or thinning area in your hair recently, and you want to deal with it quickly, then you have a few options available to you.

The first option is the least popular, but the most practical. You can simply shave your hair off, and see how you feel about the transformation. While no man really wants to thin and go bald, sometimes shaving it off is less of a hassle than trying to manage it. Some men suit being bald, and some men enjoy, sometimes for the first time in their life, the slightly edgy look of being fully shaven. You could even try growing a beard for a totally different look, and who knows – you might grow to like it.

Another option, especially if you are thinning on the top of your head rather than at the hairline, is to make use of a camouflaging spray. This type of product coats your existing hair in a semi-matte mixture of fibres, giving the impression that your hair is much fuller than it really is. The product can also coat the bald patches under your hair, so that your scalp isn’t peeking through. The formulas are so advanced these days that a properly applied camouflaging spray is almost undetectable.

Wigs, wiglets, toupees and hairpieces

Most men will say no to the very idea of a wig or hairpiece. But before you junk this idea entirely, consider that modern hairpieces are very different to the thick, artificial looking wigs of yesteryear. It’s entirely possible to be wearing a modern, lightweight toupee on the sports field or even in the bedroom, without anyone noticing. Made to order by a specialist, you can wear a small wig while you wait for your hair to thicken up, if you are taking hair drugs, and nobody will be able to tell.

Longer term options

Hair loss is for life, and it doesn’t go away. Taking hair retention drugs can help, as can over the counter preparations such as Rogaine. However, if you are just beginning to lose your hair, and you’re feeling uncomfortable about it, try to take control of the situation as soon as you can. It’s easier to hang on to the hair that you already have, than it is to create more hair. A combination of drugs and surgery such as a hair transplant, is the only real way to ensure you don’t go bald, if you’re genetically predisposed to do so.