eClinicalWorks: At the Frontier of Modern-Day Patient Interactions

eClinicalWorks is now celebrating 20 years of service and continues to provide services that remains at the forefront of modern-day patient interactions. Here are some of the areas that the company focuses on in terms of medical practices.

Telemedicine and Handling ADHD Patients

Mental restlessness will always been a problem for some individuals, especially in a world with so many stimulants. It has only been in recent decades, however, that doctors identified the disorder known as ADHD. ADHD should not be ignored and it requires certain medical treatment.

Likewise, the use of remote technologies to care for patients has been around for quite some time, but today its role in medicine has been continuously growing and now encompasses both general practice and specialties. Despite such widespread need, it is only in the last 10 years or so that information technology (IT) came out with reliable, high-capacity tools necessary to deliver medical care that meet the standards.

Rainbow Pediatric Center’s Response to Poor ADHD Treatment

Therefore, it is not surprising that when staff at Rainbow Pediatric Center in Jacksonville, Florida noticed the consistency of keeping appointments among their patients with ADHD was lagging, they turned to their healthcare IT professionals to establish better coordination with their patients.

Rainbow Pediatric Center conducted a three-month trial of healow TeleVisits, which links patients to providers using existing computer and internet technology. Just as skype and analogous technology routinely connect people throughout the world, telemedicine is making online connections between providers and patients a routine part of healthcare.

Prevent Physician Burnout with Technology

Most hospitals and similar healthcare institutions see the need for electronic documentation. However, the time and effort it takes to do complete and meaningful data entry tasks are leading to feelings of burnout among healthcare providers.

Following a Stanford/Harris study on the limitations and concerns, eClinicalWorks did major enhancements to its existing virtual assistant, Eva. Eva is the healthcare IT industry’s first embedded virtual assistant. She helps providers save time by removing the tasks that you need to do with a computer, therefore increasing overall efficiency.

Practitioners can ask Eva to show a patient’s progress notes, flowsheet, and tons of other vital information. Eva will deliver the medical and other related histories of patients, let doctors and health practitioners compare past and current notes side-by-side. Eva even has the capabilities to book appointments. The major contribution that Eva gives is to complete all of these tasks without needing to open a new screen, thus maintaining focus.

Chronic Care Management

As far back as 2014, MMR Healthcare in Boynton Beach, Florida recognized that they needed to work with a team in order to deliver more effective healthcare to an ever-increasing number of patients with chronic health conditions.

Alongside with eClinicalWorks, MMR Healthcare has been recognized as a Patient-Centered Medical Home, established groups to care for patients as one, and provided training to patients on how to use online Patient Portals.

eClinicalWorks CCM helps practitioners to meet the requirements of Medicare’s new chronic care management code guidelines. The Chronic Care Management module inside eClinicalWorks puts together an easy to use technology in order to make the delivery of health services and submission of billing as easy as possible.