7 Easy Ways To Add Value To Your House

There are many Easy Ways To Add Value To Your House
Photo by CC user tkoch on Pixabay

Home improvement projects aren’t just to make your house look better, they could also add some value. If you plan your DIY projects and focus on the essentials you could actually attract a much higher price for your property when it’s time to sell your house fast.

Here are the seven best ways to add value to your house yourself:

  1. Reveal hardwood

If your house is old enough there’s a good chance it has hardwood floors lurking underneath the surface carpet. The best way to tell if your floors are hardwood is to check for squeaks when you move around. If you’re still unsure, pull up the carpet in a corner and check underneath. If there’s wood there, remove all the carpet and re-polish the wood to give it a newer look. It’s cheaper and easier than installing new flooring from scratch. It also adds a lot of value to the house.

  1. Repair bathroom floors

Your local home improvement store may be able to offer a simple class on redoing tiles and bathroom floors. It’s worth spending the time to learn this skill since your bathroom is the second-most important room in the house (after the kitchen). Redo the tiles and floors to update your bathroom and add value.

  1. Update bathroom fixtures

Ceiling lights, door knobs, and fans are often ignored everywhere in the house, but especially in the bathroom. If you spend a few hundred dollars you can replace all your bathroom fixtures with something elegant. Go for a new sink faucet, motion-detecting lights, a better shower head, and LED lighting.

  1. Paint the Kitchen Cabinets

Every buyer looks for storage and space in the kitchen. You could create new storage by getting new cabinets or you could repaint your old cabinets to make them look better. The latter option is quicker and cheaper.

  1. Clean up the fireplace

Old brick fireplaces tend to get stained with soot and creosote. Clean it up and make the fireplace look elegant before a buyer steps in. There’s no better way to make your house look more luxurious than a sparkling clean fireplace.

  1. Get a New Door

The very first thing any buyer is likely to see is the frontdoor. Replace the front door with something newer to add character and curb appeal. It’s the best way to make a great first impression.

  1. Repair the gutters

Maintaining the gutters is actually the key to preserving your property’s value. Faulty gutter will let water seep into corners where mold accumulates over time. If you ignore it long enough, the mold causes structural problems and will eventually require expensive repairs.

These seven DIY projects can help you maintain the house and add value in key places. Is you’re looking to sell your house quick, get started with them right away.