Earnity Co-founder Domenic Carosa and What The DeFi Ecosystem Offers

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are gaining traction among institutional investors and the public. Earnity co-founders Domenic Carosa and Dan Schatt wish to better educate today’s world on crypto. Recently, the DeFi ecosystem has grown in popularity, making financial instruments more automated and democratic. With the amount of investment, more decentralized exchanges (DEXes), lending platforms, and payment platforms are under development to gain a piece of this growing industry.

Because of the popularity of Uniswap, Curve, and Sushiswap (among others), many traders want to buy DeFi coins or benefit from securely interacting with DeFi protocols. It is why centralized exchanges like Binance are expanding their DeFi crypto offerings, such as DeFi staking, yield farming, and liquid swaps. Earnity’s Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa want to show what crypto has to offer. Here are facts on other aspects of the decentralized finance ecosystem:

Prediction Markets

One application that has emerged due to decentralized finance is prediction markets (DeFi). Prediction markets are available without a third party to manage trades and bets. In a nutshell, prediction markets allow users to choose whether something will happen or not.

Yield Farming

It is the process of providing liquidity to a protocol by locking up crypto assets in exchange for rewards. Borrowers’ loan interest and the distribution of governance tokens are examples of these rewards.


These protocols enable users to buy and sell derivatives linked to cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, and real-world assets. Prices are updated in real-time using oracles such as Chainlink.

Asset Management Tools

There is an allure to being your asset manager, trading top DeFi coins, and maximizing returns with various financial instruments. Numerous apps and browser extensions are available, each built on a different blockchain and providing multiple functions to interact with DeFi products while keeping your assets secure.

P2P Marketplace

Like all other DeFi products, decentralized marketplaces allow users to trade goods using cryptocurrencies outside dominant centralized platforms.