Coach Holidays – Fact or Fiction

There has been a lot of buzz lately about all inclusive coach holidays, but is there really a place for them in 2013’s market? We’ve investigated the myths surrounding holidaying by coach, and have aimed to get you up-to-date with the facts of coach travel.

Fiction: coach holidays are only suitable for the elderly.

Fact: whilst providing numerous advantages and breaks that will appeal strongly to the older generation, there are now thousands of coach holidays that people of all walks of life can enjoy. They can range from anything from festival trips, spa breaks, theatre weekends and city tours.

Fiction: coaches are only convenient for visits to places in the UK.

Fact: many companies that provide coach holidays offer tours and trips around the globe, without the hassle of flying, the panic of losing your luggage and the pain of delayed flights. Coach travel is now an easy way to see the sights of destinations across Europe and in some cases, further afield.

Fiction: coaches have long, boring journeys.

Fact: of course the length of your journey will depend on your chosen destination, but they often provide a more convenient service in terms of time. For example, lots of providers offer numerous local pick-up points, eliminating the need for tiresome journeys to airports, and long-winded queues through baggage claim and passport checks. Coaches also provide travellers with the opportunity to stretch their legs and have toilet/food breaks every few hours, which may not be so convenient on a plane!

Fiction: coaches are uncomfortable.

Fact: thousands of coach companies have vastly improved their buses to meet the growing demands of their increased customer base. They also tend to offer a bigger amount of leg room than you may find on a flight. The stops the coach also makes is designed not only for your safety, but also your comfort, as you are given the chance to take a walk, and even visit local sights. There’s also a separate compartment for bulky luggage, leaving your leg room free just for you.

Fiction: travelling by coach is expensive.

Fact: in fact, coach companies are working harder than ever to provide their customers with competitive deals to fit demand. A vast majority of the holidays organised by these companies are all inclusive, which also often works out cheaper, as well as relieving you off the hassle of arranging every last detail of your trip.

Fiction: coach travel is unsafe.

Fact: with only the best qualified drivers behind the wheel, they take you to your destination of choice with the satisfaction of knowing that travelling by coach is up to 6 times safer than going by car. They are also useful for decreasing the number of cars on the motorway, as a regular coach can carry up to as many passengers as 20 cars could. Therefore, journeying by coach is also safer for the environment, as a coach passenger will be voyaging at least 200 miles for every gallon.