Casinos in which one has to play at least once in a lifetime

Over the years casinos have become some of the most grand and rich places in the whole entire world, with levels of decoration that can surpass even some of the most decadent palaces on Earth. Just take a look at Las Vegas, for instance, a place that has a range of casinos that contain anything from a zoo to a rollercoaster – it really is crazy! The funny thing too is that casinos have only been around for the last few centuries, and the super casinos of Las Vegas for only a few decades. 

Whilst the Venetians were the first ones to establish a casino back in the 1500s, it is only really in the last two hundred years that casinos have become widespread across the globe. Nowadays you can find casinos pretty much everywhere, however they aren’t always that good, so it does pay to know the best casinos. Read on for some casinos including  in which one has to play at least once in a lifetime. 

MGM Grand Casino 

The MGM Grand Casino is one of the most iconic casinos in the world, let alone in Las Vegas, and it is characterised primarily by its absolutely gargantuan size. The casino gaming floor alone is a ridiculous 171,500 square feet, and to top things off it also includes 139 table games and a staggering 2,500 slot machines. 

As is always the case with Las Vegas casinos the casino floor is just the tip of the iceberg too, as the MGM Grand Casino also has its very own multipurpose arena, as well as a variety of incredibly decadent hotel suites that offer incredible views of the Nevada desert city. 

Hotel de Paris 

Judging by the name you might think that this casino is in Paris, however in actuality it is to be found in Monte Carlo, one of the original gambling hotspots. You see, during the 1800s the Blanc casino owner family got so rich and powerful off of games like roulette that the Central European authorities ended up banning casino gambling on the continent, with the only exception being in Monte Carlo. 

This is why the city has so many incredible casinos on offer, with the Hotel de Paris being one of the best. If you don’t believe us just check out the James Bond films Never Say Never and Golden Eye, as both films contain scenes shot at the Hotel de Paris. 

Caesar’s Palace 

Caesar’s Palace is undeniably one of the most visibly striking casinos in Las Vegas, largely on account of its passionate use of Ancient Roman architecture throughout. It is also one of the biggest casinos in the world, having 166,000 square feet of gaming space, which is second only to the MGM Grand Casino. 

Moreover, the casino also has over 25 restaurants, and 160 different retailers too, which means you could quite literally spend your entire Las Vegas holiday roaming around Caesar’s Palace without ever getting bored.