Career options for natural leaders

Natural leaders are the people behind successful businesses and organizations around the world. These highly gifted people are drawn to careers that contain managerial and supervisory roles. As leaders, they like setting the pace and creating strategies for business and organizational success.

Several things set apart an ordinary worker from a natural leader. Leaders tend to be thick-skinned extroverts who are confident in themselves but who also have a sense of empathy – a way of connecting to other people. They’re observant and open-minded and have top communications skills. If you think this description fits you, you need to plan your career accordingly.

Why a natural leader should focus on a leadership or management career

Individuals who have innate leadership qualities will find it stifling to work in many careers where their ability to lead is suppressed. Not only that, natural leaders are rare and it is for the benefit of business and society that they work in jobs which take advantage of their skills. For a natural leader to be utilized to their full potential, they need to make the right career choices.

The types of careers that suit a leader

Natural leaders should pursue career routes that lead to management roles or roles that have a lot of responsibility. It doesn’t mean the very first job a natural leader will get is going to be a leadership role, but in entry level job leaders illustrate their capacity for more responsibility and the ability to work in senior roles.

It is important that natural leaders choose entry level jobs that have the potential to grow into positions that carry leadership responsibilities – not all lines of work do, or in some cases, it is only very few people at the very top which have those responsibilities. That can make it hard to grow into a leadership role.

Some of the best careers for natural leaders

If you’ve identified that you are a natural leader you should consider working in one of the following areas. These roles will give you the opportunity to lead groups of people, to express authority and to shape society:

  1. Law enforcement

People who work as police officers or traffic police put their lives at risk to maintain order in society. It is a position of tremendous responsibility given the difficult situations that law enforcement officers can face. Often snap decisions have to be made, and law enforcement officials have to be particularly brave in the face of danger and uncertainty – all qualities a natural leader possesses.

  1. Business executive

One of the most typical roles for natural leaders, the business executive is in charge of major decisions at companies, and can have the ability to affect the lives of thousands of people. Steering the future of billions of dollars, a business executive needs to have a view of the future – the ability to forecast markets, consumer desires and the regulatory environment.

  1. Teaching

Growing and nurturing young minds require leadership skills of a special kind. By taking an intensive course such as Maryville’s doctorate in education online natural leaders can acquire the skills to really contribute to society in a very special way. Teachers often also progress to more senior roles such as head of department or indeed head teacher.

  1. Commercial pilot

If you have the type of strong personality and physical skills that piloting a jet liner requires, think about training as a commercial pilot. Not only are these people extremely highly paid, pilots also enjoy enormous job satisfaction. It is a position that comes with an incredibly high level of responsibility as pilots look after the lives of hundreds of people and can be in a position to very rapidly make decisions that affect those lives.

  1. Politician

Politicians shape our future. There’s no question that voters are attracted to politicians who show an ability to lead, and the skills of a natural leader are essential to success in office. Politicians need to be great at listening to a wide range of people and considering their opinions when making decisions. This ability to think past your personal point of view is another skill typical of natural leaders.

Building and honing your leadership abilities

Natural leaders possess many skills, but there are often areas in which they can improve. A leadership course or management degree can help you close the gaps, while building a network of other leaders who can act as mentors is another option that many leaders choose. Other experienced leaders can help you find your blind spots; while sharing experiences helps leaders build a better understanding of the business and management environment.