Can Skin Rejuvenation Work on All Parts of the Skin?

Skin Rejuvenation can help turn the clock back for your face and other areas of your body
Photo by CC user SurgicalPhotos on Wikimedia Commons

Skin rejuvenation is takin the world by storm. Through skin rejuvenation services in Orange County, people are looking younger, with a more beautiful skin and complexion. Because it is so popular, people are now considering for many different parts of the body. However, does this actually work?

Understanding the Skin

The skin is an organ, the largest one we have, in fact. It is there to protect our organs from the elements outside. This means that it is basically a first line of defense that absorbs a huge deal of outside attacks. It is no surprise, therefore, that it starts to suffer from age spots, sun spots, redness, lesions, wrinkles, fine lines, scars, and more, making it look less healthy. While it is understandable that our skin changes, many of us still can’t accept it because we feel we don’t look as good.

What Is Skin Rejuvenation?

It is essentially a cosmetic procedure that helps to undo some of the damage that is done to the skin. There are various possible treatments, but laser skin rejuvenation is the most popular one to date, as well as the safest. It passes laser energy over a part of the skin, where it will then stimulate certain parts of the human body in order to address a specific issue.

For example, lasers can be used to target wrinkles and fine lines by stimulating the collagen. The laser heats the collagen up, encouraging it to produce new collagen. Collagen, meanwhile, is necessary for our skin to remain tight and smooth. If, however, laser is used for lesions, age spots, or sun spots, then the pigment is targeted rather than the collagen. Essentially, it breaks the pigmented areas down, creating a more beautiful complexion.

By understanding the intricacies of skin rejuvenations, you also start to learn that it is quite easy to treat a range of common ailments. However, while knowledge is power, it is only half of the equation. The other thing you have to learn about is whether or not it can be used on all elements of the body. You may be happy to know that it can actually be used on every part of the body, with the exception of the area right around the eyes. This is because the laser could potentially damage the eyes due to the very thin skins.

That said, while laser could theoretically be used on any part of the body, it generally isn’t. Most laser specialists will only use it on the face, neck, the top part of the chest, and the hands. These are the most visible parts of the body, and the ones that people tend to be most bothered about as well. By rejuvenating those areas, someone will instantly look many years younger. If they were to have their entire body treated, which is possible in theory, they would have to spend countless hours in a cosmetic surgeon’s office, recovery would be very lengthy, and there is no real guarantee that it would work.