How You Can Effectively Save Money on the Actual Day of Your Move

For many of us, saving money is a priority when it comes to moving, particularly if you already have other expenses to deal with such as the cost of your house or flat and expenses such as surveys and conveyancing. If you want to save money, you can begin by selling off items you no longer need – you can do this over the Internet or through word-of-mouth. You can also try to save money by booking your removals firm a few weeks or even months before your move; this may give you a good discount, especially if your move is scheduled during lean periods. But there are ways through which you can save money on moving day as well. Here’s how you can effectively save money on the actual day of your move.

Book a disassembly service in advance

It’s good if you can anticipate expenses before they come – and one of the expenses which you may have to think about is a disassembly service. A disassembly service is often a necessary additional service simply because you may not know how to break down or disassemble your furniture. By booking this service in advance, you can save extra money – and extra time as well, since the removals team will already be prepared with the right tools and equipment when they arrive at your door. It’s best to book a disassembly service in advance; you don’t want to deal with extra charges on moving day when you realise that you actually need the service and then end up paying more for it because there’s no advance notice.

Be careful when moving – and don’t leave rubbish behind

Another way you can save money on moving day is by being extra careful when lugging your stuff (especially bulky items of furniture) from your old home, as confirmed by removals experts from Regardless if you are leaving a rental space or are vacating your own property, don’t leave it in a sorry state. This means being careful not to damage walls or doorways or making the carpet dirty with mud and dirt. If there is damage or even rubbish in the property you have vacated, you may have to pay for it. Make sure that before you close the doors to your old place, it’s clean, undamaged, and presentable.

Manage your time

On moving day, make it a point to be ready when the removals firm arrives. You don’t want to be the cause of any delays simply because you haven’t finished packing or you have forgotten to disconnect your dishwasher or laundry machine. If you are late or cause a delay for the removals firm, you may be charged for it. Be well-prepared and manage your time as efficiently as possible.