Burned Out: Soothing Ways to Get Off the Carousel of Life for Awhile

With over two-thirds of people living in the UK admitting to modern life being too stressful for them, it’s clear to see that becoming burnt out as a result of today’s modern struggles is becoming increasingly common.

Whether it’s job stress, relationship struggles or simply not finding any time for yourself to relax, our Westernized society could actually be causing us more harm than good. The importance of relaxation is often not taken seriously, with many people thinking they can just power through times of stress without consequence. Then, when we end up feeling completely burnt out, we’re left wishing we’d listened to our bodies and taken some much-needed time for ourselves. So, if you’re worried your lifestyle is becoming a bit too much, here are some soothing tips to take on board.


Whilst exercise is often the last thing people think of when they want to relax, it can actually have huge relaxation benefits in the long-run. When we exercise, our brains release endorphins which are chemicals that make us feel good, hence why many people report feeling more positive and energized after a workout. If you’re feeling like you need to release some stress and improve your mood, exercise is a great way to do this.

And better still, the more you exercise the more tired you’re likely to feel when it’s time for bed. So, if you struggle to sleep due to stress-related anxiety, exercising will significantly improve your chances of having a good night’s sleep!


Often considered a mere children’s activity, the benefits of coloring are seriously overlooked. Not only does coloring allow you to have fun and release your inner creativity, but it’s also extremely therapeutic which will give your brain the perfect atmosphere to relax and wind down.

Coloring Book for Me & Mandala is a great app for this because, as its name suggests, it features an array of intricate mandala designs to color in. As mandalas are renowned for being used during meditation, it’s safe to say you’ll be feeling a lot more relaxed once you start coloring one in and letting your creativity flow. Get it on Google Play for an instant calming activity to try!

Get a massage

Whether it’s from your partner or a professional, getting a massage is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body. Stress not only affects our mental health but can also affect us physically too. So, by having any areas of tension massaged and taken care of, you’ll literally feel the stress and anxiety melt away for a feeling of true rejuvenation.

Whilst it’s almost impossible to avoid some degree of modern-day stress, there’s no reason why we have to succumb to it. By taking better care of yourself and taking time off when you feel your mind and body is crying out for it,  you may be surprised at the array of benefits you’ll experience!