Brno: Czech Republic’s Next Top Destination

When one hears of the vacations in Czech Republic, one would start thinking about Prague tours. After all, it is the country’s capital city as well as its number one tourist destination. However, there is another city in the country which has started getting the attention of many travellers from around the world – Brno.

The city of Brno (pronounced as /brr-no/) is the second largest city of Czech Republic, and is located about two hours or so from Prague in the South East Section of the country. The city was said to have been founded thousands of years ago, and being one of the most historically and politically important cities of Czech Republic, the city is filled with so many things to sights and tourist attractions that is well-worth visiting. Enjoy!

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul

This cathedral is one of the more popular landmarks of Brno, not only for its religious significance but for its awesome architecture as well, being hailed as one of the city’s important architectural beauties. It is situated on Petrov Hill in the city centre and is pretty visible from around the city. Its most distinguishing features are the twin spires or towers that rise to a dizzying 84 metres. Although the towers and the exterior reflect a more gothic design, the interior of the church is pretty much baroque. Another thing that makes the cathedral special is that the bells here are rung at eleven in the morning instead of twelve noon, a tradition related to the Swedish siege back in the earlier centuries. For a minimal fee, tourists are allowed to enter the cathedral’s crypts and climb the towers.

Capuchin Monastery

Although the monastery’s baroque architecture is a beauty in itself, it is not the main reason why tourists flock to this place. Instead, it is the well-preserved mummies found inside the monastery’s crypts.This naturally mummified remains belong to some of the most important people of the Capuchin order and other significant people of Brno. Aside from the mummies, other things like the Capuchin Library and the Ceiling fresco are also worth seeing.

Spilberk Castle

Spilberk Castle is another of Brno’s top tourist attractions. Although it was built sometime in the 13th century, Spilberk Castle was able to maintain its beautiful grandeur up to the present times. The castle is of a Baroque-Romanesque architecture, and has served several varied purposes throughout its existence, which includes being the seat of the government, a defensive fortress and barracks and even a prison. Nowadays though, it is the home of the Brno City Museum where you can see exhibitions that relate to the castle and the city’s history.

Macocha Abyss

If you’re tired of the city, then do visit the Mococha Abyss. This set of caves is one of the hidden gems of Brno and the Moravian Region. There are various activities to be enjoyed in the area, such as boating through the caves, riding the cable car which provides spectacular views from above, as well as admiring the beautiful rock formations scattered throughout the caves.

Photo by starecesty on Flickr