5 Ways to Simplify Your Hiring Process

Does the hiring process for your business involve so many steps that you have trouble keeping up with it? Or do you just receive so many applications for future jobs that narrowing down the list seems impossible? If this is you, read through the below suggestions on how you can simplify your hiring process.


1. Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing involves a series of exercises and questions to determine the perfect candidate for the culture and goals of the job. This is a great way to simplify your recruitment process and to gain an insightful look into the personality and abilities of the candidate. Enlist the help of recruitment agencies like Chandler Macleod, as they will conduct a psychometric test on a potential candidate with their range of resources. All you need to do is wait for the results.

2. Simple Application

The application process for some jobs can be enough in themselves to deter any future candidates – particularly those with a lot of potential who will just find it easier to move on to the next application if yours is too tedious. You want people to apply, so don’t make it difficult for them. For example, if you’ve set up an online application process, make sure it works well and doesn’t crash.

3. Keep it Clear

There is nothing worse than an application that has details so scant you have no idea what you’re applying for. As an employer, make sure you offer clear job descriptions that detail exactly what kind of candidate you want, and how they should apply. Selection criteria is also helpful in narrowing down your applicants in the first instance. When including selection criteria, it is important you don’t go overboard; you may scare off potential applicants, including those who could have been perfect for the job.

4. Video it

Even after going through endless applications, it can still be difficult to narrow down your list to the 5 or so people you want to interview – and this number in itself is still a lot. To simplify this process, have your top 10 candidates answer 4-5 questions via video interview first, and assess their responses as an extension of their application. From here, simply pick the 3 that answered them best to conduct a longer interview with.

5. Have a Process

Often the biggest complication in the hiring process is that you don’t have a clear ‘process’ in the first place. The first step is to know the candidate you’re looking for. If you don’t find that person first-round, start the process again – don’t get caught up on the ‘maybes’. Also, have a timeline for your process, from closing date, to interviewing to informing successful and unsuccessful candidates. And go into the interview with specific questions – if your process is a mess it will look like your company is a mess to potential employees.

Hiring new candidates can feel like a never-ending experience. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By incorporating some of the above suggestions into your next hiring experience, you will be on the path to finding your ideal employee in no time.

Based on the above suggestions, how do you think your own hiring process could be improved? Leave your answers below.