5 mobile app developments to look out for this year

This year will see some major changes when it comes to the development of mobile apps. From industry altering technological advances to the way we use them, 2019 is set to have a big impact on the mobile app landscape. What’s more, as the 5G network comes into play, mobile app developers will have even more power to play with, pushing their creations and innovations to the next level. Here are 5 trends at the forefront of developers’ minds this year. 

Lightening speeds

Having first been introduced back in 2016, instant apps are going to become increasingly commonplace this year. Instant applications are native mobile applications that are smaller in size than traditional apps and require no downloading. They are instantly accessible making them more convenient, quicker to use and incredibly user friendly. It’s been a pretty important step in the mobile app industry as users get a much better experience as wait time is pretty much eliminated. They also use up less of your precious data than other mobile apps. 


The mobile app gaming industry is becoming increasingly lucrative for developers. Jumping on tech trends like augmented and virtual reality, mobile game revenues are set to top $200 billion by 2020. While incredible AR and VR apps will continue hitting the market, others will continue to soar to the height of their popularity. Whether that’s mobile slot games or the latest brain teasers, there will continue to be unparalleled levels of demand for new exciting titles throughout the year. 


You may already be accustomed to a helpful little chatbot popping up every now and again in your favorite mobile apps and you should definitely be preparing to see more and more of them over the course of the year. These virtual assistants are relatively easy to integrate into apps and have become a market in themselves. According to Statista, by 2025, the global chatbot market will be worth around 1.2 billion dollars. What’s more, as many people have become accustomed to communicating with chatbots, for many app companies it has significantly increased customer satisfaction by improving relationship management. 

Wearable devices

In the wake of the release of the Apple watch, developers have been looking to create more apps for wearable devices. At the moment, these are primarily focused within the fitness industry with movement trackers and fitness monitors steadily climbing in popularity month on month. However, this is also paving the way for more wearable device app development in the health and wellness, and communication and socializing spheres— so watch this space. 

Payment systems

Quick and easy payment systems within apps have revolutionized both the way we shop and the user experience in doing so. It’s almost a given now that the most technologically advanced apps will no longer require the painstaking process of entering all your details each time you want to make a purchase. In fact, people are so used to being able to complete transactions at the touch of a button that integrated payment gateways are set to be one of the biggest trends in mobile app development this year. Many mobile apps will follow the likes of Amazon Pay and Paypal in introducing mobile wallets that can provide quick and safe online transactions in seconds.