4 Keys To A High-Rolling Lifestyle

Are you in love with Vegas or Atlantic City and ready to fully embrace the casino life? If you dream of living like James Bond at a baccarat table or Liv Boeree peering over a poker hand, the gambling life might be for you. Whether you’re moving to a gambling town full-time or making frequent visits to a casino like Jackpot Junction, these tips can help you live like a high-roller.

Make Friends

Image via Flickr by hilaryhalliwell

The other players might be your rivals during the game, but befriending some of them is a smart move. Follow your favorite players on social media, and join some groups or message boards about your favorite game. The friends you make will not only share insights and information, but they could be travel buddies when you go to tournaments, sharing rides, rooms, and expenses.

Join the Club

Sign up for the rewards program at your favorite casino, and use it every time you play. Each player’s card has different benefits, but most offer free play, meal discounts, comps, and more. You’ll also be added to the casino’s mailing list, where you’ll be offered a variety of discounts and get inside information about events and promotions. Using your card also lets the casino see how valuable you are as a customer, and they will often reach out to big players with special offers and incentives.

Bury Your Nose in a Book

In almost any field of endeavor, the most successful participants are the most well-informed.  Immerse yourself in learning all about your favorite game. Study the history of gambling in general and of your game of choice in particular. Read every book about gambling you can find, until you feel like you could have written the book in your hand. Become a true gambling geek by stuffing your head with every bit of trivia and knowledge you can find.

Don’t Bet Anything You Can’t Afford To Lose

A true high-roller enjoys the gambling life without (literally) betting the farm. How can you enjoy gambling while making sure you’re not suffering from an addiction? Start each game with a set amount you’re going to wager. If you can’t walk away when it’s gone, that’s a red flag. The money you’re going to wager should be well-defined and separate from the money you use to pay bills or are saving for your retirement.

When your gambling fund is empty, you should be able to step away from the tables until you can save up a new bankroll for play. If you’re borrowing your kids’ lunch money to make bets, it’s time to seek help.

For those who don’t have a gambling problem, the gambling life is a constant adventure. If gambling is your hobby, finding healthy and affordable ways to fit it into your lifestyle can enhance your life and help you deeply enjoy your free time. Gamblers love the lifestyle of traveling to tournaments, staying in casinos, and enjoying the adrenaline rush of a big game.