10 Interesting Facts You Need to Know about Vanuatu


There are still lots of incredible destinations to be discovered in the world, places that you seldom see on blogs, places that you never knew existed, and one of them is Vanuatu.

Vanuatu is an archipelago nation situated in the southwest Pacific Ocean, east of Australia, and north of New Zealand. It consists of more than 80 stunning islands, most of which are inhabited, as well as some active volcanoes.

In case you’re planning to take on a vacation for a while, this could be the perfect country to go to. There are lots of things to do here, including island hopping as well as engaging with different water activities, which will definitely make your trip an unforgettable one. With its breathtaking view, and beautiful beaches, you and your loved ones will surely find this place worthy of your time.


Here are some of interesting facts you need to know about Vanuatu:

  1. Vanuatu is known as New Hebrides Islands in the past, when it was colonized by France and Britain.
  1. After 35 years of being a colony of France and Britain, Vanuatu finally achieved its freedom in 1980. Now, it celebrates its Independence Day every 30th of July.
  1. The word Vanuatu came from two local words that mean “home” and “”stand.”
  1. “Republic of Vanuatu” is the official name of Vanuatu.
  1. Bislam is the official language of Vanuatu. However, English and French are also widely used in the country.
  1. The capital of Vanuatu is Port Vila, which happens to be its largest city as well.
  1. Most of the Vanuatu population is comprised of native Melanesians.
  1. Tipping is not practiced in the Vanuatu tradition, so never give tip when you’re here. Simply pay the exact amount of what you purchase.
  1. Christianity is the main religion in Vanuatu, though there are other religions being followed too.
  1. Mount Tabwemanasana is the highest point in Vanuatu, it has an altitude of 1,879m.

These facts about the Vanuatu country will make you learn its history as well as its culture. Since most people don’t know about this island nation yet, it is great to at least get some fresh ideas about it. So, when you’re finally here, you would know some important things about the country.

Moreover, if you’re from Australia, you can easily fly Sydney to Vanuatu. There are available flights from there and you can book your tickets right away. Apparently, this is the ideal destination for everyone who is looking for a place that’s far from many people. You will totally have a relaxing vacation here for it is peaceful and not very crowded.

As a whole, Vanuatu is a beautiful country that has a lot of good things to offer to all its visitors. You will be surprised at how friendly the locals are, delectable the foods are, and most importantly, how astonishing the scenery is. So, plan your vacation with your family or friends to this amazing country and grab the chance to chill, disconnect from work, and have some fun. Definitely, it will be the most wonderful time of your life.