A truly good looking lawn is one that is maintained all year long, regardless of the season. Very often, people only think about their lawn during spring and summer, as they don’t use it the rest of the year. However, according to Trugreen, there are several things that can be done all year long.

Trugreen on Treating a Lawn Throughout the Year

When fall approaches, trees start to lose their leaves and the grass doesn’t grow as quickly anymore. While this change may be reasonably subtle in an area like Knoxville, it does still exist and it is time to winter prep the lawn. This means that the area should be clear of debris, raking any bare soil as well. Doing so will ensure that, once the grass comes out of its dormant stage, it will have the strength needed to grow again. Meanwhile, there is other garden work to do as well. If you want any spring bloomers such as irises, you need to plant the bulbs now.

When you start to rake all the leaves away, you must also pay attention to the weeds. It is likely that you will suddenly come across quite a few. Put mulch on all your flower beds, so that they can survive the colder months but the weeds are choked out. Make sure you pick a mulch that is appropriate to your soil conditions.

Of course, you should prepare your tools. The last thing you want is to leave everything outside, only to find it rusty and bent when it is time to use things again. In spring, you want to have an organized shed so that you can take out the things you need as you need them.

You should also consider any new lawn designs during the winter. This is when you can spend time learning more about different plants and the attention and care they need. Plus, you could consider researching a professional lawn care service at this point, should you want someone to do the work for you. While most of us would prefer to do things ourselves as a cost saving exercise, you also have to think about the fact that gardening is very labor intensive. Not just that, there are likely to be things that you simply do not know. For instance, you may not have the knowledge or equipment to use heavy duty pesticides on your garden. If you are ever unsure about anything, you need to call the professionals.

When spring is almost upon you and your lawn starts to shine and look beautiful and green, you can breathe a sigh of relief and really enjoy all the hard work you have done over the fall and winter. You cannot simply abandon your lawn for six months of the year and hope it will look great during the other six months. Rather, it must be nurtured and cared for appropriately so that it can grow fruitfully as well.