Sometimes it is a normal part of life to be in a ‘blue mood’ due to the loss of a loved one, being laid off from job or being ill for a long time. If you have depression symptoms due to some stressful event that has suddenly occurred in your life, this is called ‘situational depression’. The majority of people recover from this kind of depression called situational depression, though this might take a few days or weeks. Nevertheless, when the symptoms of depression don’t seem to go away, they start interfering with your physical ability to function and lead your life normally. Heck, even your emotional coping abilities are affected. This is known as clinical depression.

Major depression is one type of serious mental health illness which can sometimes last for months and years. Hence, it is crucial to know the symptoms of depression so that you can quickly start treating yourself. You may want to quiz yourself here to know whether or not you’re suffering from depression.

Warning signs of depression

People who are suffering from serious depression will not have similar symptoms but some symptoms may include:

  • SADNESS: Though the feeling of sadness is a symptom of depression, it can even include various feelings of emptiness and hopelessness. You may also find that regardless of how much you try, you just won’t be able to control all your negative feelings. If you find yourself crying for unnecessary reasons, it is due to depression.
  • IRRITABILITY: The symptom of depression might make you feel anxious, angry or even restless. Men who tend to be depressed seriously usually express their depression through their reckless and aggressive behavior.
  • GUILT: All those who are suffering from depression can also feel worthlessness and helplessness at the same time. They might also be able to witness depression as the biggest signs of weakness and they can also become extremely self-critical.
  • PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: People who have depression usually suffer from pains, aches, digestive issues, headaches and there doesn’t seem to be any other medical reason behind all such symptoms. They also don’t seem to respond to such treatments.
  • MENTAL SYMPTOMS: In case you have trouble in focusing or making important decisions or remembering details, these could also be considered as depression symptoms. People who are going through depression can feel that their thought process has also slowed down beyond imagination.
  • SLEEP DISTURBANCES: Do you wake up too early in the morning or you think that you’re not able to fall asleep at night? Or do you think that you are sleeping too much? This is one of the most common signs and symptoms of depression.

If you’ve been confused by your recent actions and think you have seen some of the symptoms of depression, you should take into account the above listed points so that you can stay aware of it and get yourself treated.