In the last decade the face of dating has changed a great deal and people are now meeting each other in ways which nobody would have even thought about back in the early 2000s. Studies have shown that more people are meeting each other online than ever before, fewer people are spontaneously meeting and the leading ways of meeting people is in the workplace followed by meeting via an internet based service or provider. So what will dating look like in 2020? Let’s take a look at see if this will  be your special year, and how you will go about finding that special someone.

Virtual Reality?

The advancements that we are seeing in virtual reality are moving at breakneck speed and you may very well be having a virtual date with a real person next year. In fact we have already seen examples of people popping the question over a VR interaction, and next year things could one step further. Imagine meeting someone who lives on the other side of the world, sitting in a virtual cafe and enjoy a great date, the only thing that you’d be missing out on is the physical touch, but that can come later.


Something which many of the dating apps are working hard on is ensuring security for those who use the service. We have seen many issues of fake accounts, catfishing and worse as a result of dating apps, something which the providers have been very keen on stamping out. There will be more vetting, higher security protocols and both men and women can use these services without any risk other than a bad date.

Skin Signs

A company called UnderSkin is working on technology which will give us an insight into a person’s emotions. This works thanks to a smart tattoo which glows when a person feels happiness, love, sadness and many more emotions. And so next year when you are getting your daily espresso, you may be able to see just how that barista feels about you, allowing you to ask them out with confidence.


As each year passes we are closer to people than ever before and this is going to help people date over longer distances, without having to miss them. Take Elon Musk’s SpaceX company for example who expect to open the first of their Hyperloop constructions next year, which they believe to be able to travel at 500mph. At that speed a girl living out in L.A. could get herself down to Austin for a date in around 2 hours! Just imagine a booty call which involved crossing the country!

Smarter Algorithms

Dating companies already have smart algorithms which they use to make a match and we can expect to see these growing in intelligence in the coming year. We are a little way of making DNA matches but thanks to smarter data and a fuller picture on people’s internet activities, the algorithm will be able to increase its success rate. What this means for the singleton is that they can count on more chances of meeting the right person first time.



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